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Fighting COVID-19 with Technology: HUAWEI CLOUD

HUAWEI CLOUD declared today that they propelled a worldwide activity intend to help clients around the globe to battle COVID-19 with cloud and AI administrations. As a component of this global activity plan against the coronavirus, HUAWEI CLOUD will give free AI and cloud benefits and will select accomplices around the globe to help battle this pandemic together.

Deng Tao, President of HUAWEI CLOUD Global Market, expressed, “HUAWEI CLOUD has been working with accomplices in China to utilize imaginative advancements, for example, cloud and AI to battle the pandemic, and has aggregated handy involvement in AI-helped CT check examination, sedate disclosure, online training, and working from home innovations. Presently, we are propelling this worldwide activity intend to share our handy experience to the global market. We will bend over backward to use innovation to help our clients around the globe adapt to difficulties looked amidst this emergency.”

In the social insurance area, HUAWEI CLOUD gives EIHealth for nothing out of pocket, which incorporates administrations, for example, viral genome identification, Antiviral medication in silico screening, and AI-helped CT tolerant screening administration. In the training division, HUAWEI CLOUD works with accomplices to give online instruction administrations to schools and other instructive foundations. They are additionally helping ventures relocate organizations to the cloud to guarantee nonstop tasks while the pandemic proceeds. HUAWEI CLOUD is presently presenting to 1,500 hours of free cloud assets for each recently enlisted client, complete with every minute of every day proficient help on the HUAWEI CLOUD (global) site.

HUAWEI CLOUD has also released the Anti-COVID-19 Partner Program, a program focused on five main scenarios: remote office, AI support, enterprise assistance, smart healthcare, and online education. Companions who participate in this program can not only obtain comprehensive business, technological, and market support, but will also have the opportunity to obtain free cloud resources worth up to USD $30,000.

To join the Global Action Plan for Fighting COVID-19, contact us at antivirus1@huawei.com.

For more information, please visit: https://activity.huaweicloud.com/intl/en-us/fight-covid-19.html

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