Apple Explains Wi-Fi eating your data


The apple company has exposed this breaking news about how Wi-Fi Support — a new functions in iOS 9 — performs. Wi-Fi Support allows your cell phone to use the best relationship possible. The concept is that if you’re linked with Wi-Fi and your Wi-Fi signals becomes really poor, the cell phone knows to go forward and change to your mobile connection.

As we described at the time, it’s likely your iOS 9 configurations, not Wi-Fi Assistance are resulting in prospective issues. As Six Shades observed, the apple company has designed a support page to lay out exactly how Wi-Fi Assistance works and when it doesn’t.

According to Apple:

Wi-Fi Assistance will not instantly change to mobile if your information wandering. Wi-Fi Support only performs when you have applications operating at the forefront and does not stimulate with qualifications installing of material. Wi-Fi Support does not stimulate with any third-party applications that flow sound or movie, or obtain accessories, like an e-mail app, as they might use considerable quantities of information. Apple does recognize that using Wi-Fi Support could cause your phone to use more information than it normally does when you have a bad Wi-Fi relationship, but that amount should only be a “small amount greater.”


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