Imam-e-Kaaba asked Muslims to spread message of peace


MAKKAH, Saudi Arabia:Imam-e-Kaaba Sheik Abdulrahman Al-Sudais in his Hajj sermon on Sunday said that Islam is a religion of peace and every one of the Muslims ought to likewise spread this message all through the world.

The Hajj sermon was conveyed by the Imam-e-Kaaba set up of Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz al-Sheik – who is supposedly confronting wellbeing issues. Al-Sudais asked Muslims – from around the world – to meet up to take after the message of peace given by Islam and evade savagery unequivocally.

He understood that the Muslim people group has been confronting troublesome times at present and can be enhanced just through solidarity among the supporters of Islam. He said that social event of Muslims for Hajj additionally symbolized a message of solidarity – which should be taken after.

Just about 2 million Muslims from around the globe moved to Mount Arafat (Maisdan-e-Arafat) to play out the principle custom of Hajj – where they offered Zuhr and Asr supplications together and listened Hajj sermon. Imam-e-Kaaba in his location solicited the adherents from Islam to take after the lessons of Quran and the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) completely.