It’s easy to add 3D touch features even if you have an old iPhone


Today we have a breaking news for iPhone users, but firstly you have to answer our questions, don’t have an iPhone 6S and you want 3D touch? If you’re willing to jailbreak your cell phone, you can get it. With a jailbroken cellphone operating iOS 9, customers can factor themselves to the Cydia app shop to obtain Forcy, a 100 % free app that gives non 3D Touch prepared iPhones 3D Touch Capacity. Using on an ape symbol can open up strategies that would need a difficult medium on an iPhone 6S.

3D Touch is one of the best factors about the latest iPhones; it contributes a new part of the connections within the IOS interface. Of course, not everyone wants to plunk down an armful of money or get into a complex agreement with a mobile service provider for a new cell phone. If you’re willing to jailbreak your cellphone — which isn’t something we suggesting you do — Forcy provides you with some of the performance of 3D Contact.

With Forcy, you get Fast Activities for app symbols on your desktop, which is an element, but unfortunately, that’s it. You’ll skip the haptic reviews of the 6S and you don’t get Look & Pop review performance within applications. Plus, there are protection threats with jailbreaking your cell phone. So, it’s not excellent enough to provide the 3D Touch-equipped iPhone 6S useless, but if you’re willing to jailbreak your iPhone, it might be value enjoying with. It’s certainly the most affordable way to get 3D Touch performance on your cell phone, considering forcy is 100 % free.


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