Lollywood will shine after the release of Revenge in January


Jamal Shah’s action dilemma has been verified for launch on Jan 15, 2016, according to his statement to our staff reporter.

“He said the movie will be launched nationwide on the Fifteenth of Jan. The film’s tale is in accordance with the days of 2009 Swat insurgency. We have chosen some real life events after some research, upon which the tale is generally centered.”

Revenge is a movie with many plots, one of which is centered on the family of one Zarak Khan (role play by Jamal Shah himself), who’s close relatives will not set off during the war. Some characters meet a terrible end, so we wonder if the movie has been created as a statement on the repercussions of war. The home likes, however, to see it as a celebration of the gallantry of our people.

Jamal Shah selects to throw himself as one of the primary figures in the movie, which enhances the problems of taking off his directorial debut. But he places it down as an economic necessity.

The star cast of the movie includes Firdous Jamal, Ayub Khoso, Maira Khan, Imran, Tariq Jamal, Shamyl Khan and Emil Karakose. Turkish celebrity Emil Karakose also in the movie as Jamal Shah’s little girl.

Hot News about the movie is it’s taken over only period of 42 days in the Swat area, with some moments in Peshawar and Islamabad. It was originally scheduled for a May 22 launch, but was late due to some production problems.


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