Many Muslims lost their lives in latest Israeli-Palestinian violence


Since the starting on Oct, 52 Palestinians have been murdered in shootings and situations with Israeli causes in the occupied Palestinian areas and Israel, while eight Israelis have been murdered in blade and gun strikes. One Eritrean asylum finder was murdered after he was wrong for a Palestinian enemy during a raid on southeast Israel. Latest news in Pakistan was reported as an Israeli settler was run over by an automobile near Hebron; in what the Palestinian car owner said was a car incident.

Video of the occurrence revealed the settler fighting vehicles while carrying a wood made keep before he was hit by an automobile. The car owner allegedly converted him in with Palestinian cops after the occurrence. Rights categories have cautioned that Israel is using extreme power against the Palestinians and that some of the occurrences came to extrajudicial murders.

The assault has been activated in part by latest trips by Jewish groups to the Al-Aqsa Mosque substance in occupied Eastern Jerusalem, along with Israeli limitations on Palestinian access the mosque, one of Islam’s holiest sites.

Frustration is also increasing as Israel is constantly on developing Jewish-only agreements throughout the Western bank, taking over Palestinian areas, in defiance of international law.