Obama pledges Syria air strikes to annihilate Islamic State


WASHINGTON: United States President Barack Obama on Wednesday requested a “steady” war against the Islamic State, incorporating air strikes in Syria and extended operations in Iraq to “annihilate” the ravaging jihadist armed force.

Obama — the president who planned to be remembered for all time for completion wars, not beginning an open-finished heightening in the Middle East — additionally vowed to reinforce Iraqi strengths and to expand military aid to Syria’s resistance.

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In a serious, measured prime-time broadcast address, Obama said the Islamic State, which has guillotined two US columnists and seized a swathe of area in Iraq and Syria, was a remarkably merciless gathering even by the blood-doused norms of the Middle East.

“They execute caught detainees. They slaughter youngsters. They oppress, assault and power ladies into marriage,” he said. Such barbarity could event stand out reaction, Obama said.


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