Over 150 killed in Syria air strikes


More than 150 citizens were murdered in Govt and Russian air attacks across Syria within 24 hours, according to resources and watches. At least 80 individuals were murdered in Aleppo town and close by cities, by a sequence of Russian and program air attacks on Saturday, resources informed of the latest news in Pakistan. About 25 places within the Aleppo region were hit by the air attacks.

The dangerous raids came after at least 61 citizens were murdered and more than 100 others injured after Syrian Govt air attacks hit an industry in a Damascus suburban area, resources said.

An official of the Syria Civil Defense in the Damascus’ suburban areas division informed that the air raids hit an active industry in Douma on Saturday, eliminating at least 61 and hurting more than 100 others.

The strike came as the US, Russian federation, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran met in Vienna with the aim of accomplishing a governmental agreement to help end the war in Syria. Friday’s is spoken in the Austrian capital involved an Iranian delegation for initial. Meanwhile, Syria’s main political opposition party, the Syrian National Council, released a declaration on Saturday, blaming Russian federation of choosing war criminal offenses in Syria, one 30 days after Russian Federation began its air strategy in assistance of the Syrian program.

Nearly 1,716 citizens, such as females and kids, were murdered, while 12 medical centers in three regions as well as bakeries in Ter Maaleh and Saraqib were hit by the Russian air attacks.