Pakistan opens Tier III data center in Punjab


The Punjab administration of Pakistan has opened another Tier III state server farm in Lahore to store arrive proprietorship records.

Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif opened the Rural Land Computerization System and Punjab Land Record Authority at Arfa Karim Software Technology Park at a function this week.

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This land is your territory

“Matters of proprietorship deed and transformation of land have turned out to be free of defilement and family debate with respect to arrive have been wiped out,” Sharif said.

He included that the Land Record Management Information System has been conveyed to all tehsils (managerial ranges) of the territory and the country arrive records of somewhere in the range of 55 million individuals has been spared in server farms.

“No Patwari [Village Accountant] or authority can now mess with the record,” Sharif guaranteed.

To execute the venture, the region set up the Punjab Land Record Authority, which Sharif approached to chip away at electronic maps and the computerization of urban property.

As indicated by Punjab bureau part and leader of the Punjab Information Technology Board, Umar Saif, the new server farm “has more than 2000 handling centers, 3 Terabyte Memory and more than 400 Terabytes of capacity limit.”

The venture, made conceivable with World Bank assets, is thought to have taken a toll eight hundred million Pakistani rupees, or $7.6 million.