Pakistan railway is planning for Express Cargo Train


Pakistan Railways are on the road to success and announce daily breaking news for their customers. Today they announce the launching an express cargo train for the business community.

Pakistan Railways are thinking about an express freight train ideally together with the private industry, said Additional General Administrator Railways Maqsood UL Nabi.

He was dealing with the business community at the Faisalabad chamber of commerce & Industry on Saturday. Nabi said that earnings are only produced from freight trains as traveler trains are run to accomplish the public. He said that from 2011 to 2013, only one freight train has handled between Karachi Slot and Lahore, but now after economic developments in Pakistan Railways, 10 freight trains are being handled.

Nabi said that each train has 27 wagons and each wagon has a potential of 60.5 ton. In the same way, the rate at which they journey has improved from 55 kilometers (km) hourly to 80km hourly.


  1. The 762 mm gauge locomotives are from the Rupsa- Bagerhat railway which was the only 762 mm gauge line in East Pakistan when colonial India was partitioned in 1947. It was re-gauged to 1,676 mm gauge in 1970.

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