Russia quits importing soil grown foods, vegetables and meat from EU and USA


Russia has forced a boycott on import of farming items from nations of the European Union, United States, Australia, Canada, Japan and Norway compelling for the following 12 months. The measure was produced in light of the authorizations forced by the USA and the EU on Russian legislature of Vladimir Putin for his part in the clash in Ukraine. Washington and Brussels blame Russia for destabilizing the circumstances in the neighboring nation supporting separatists in Lugansk and Donetsk. “There is no good thing in approvals, and has not been a simple choice, however we needed to do,” said Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev.

The EU, in spite of the fact that for the minute rather not go into subtle elements, affirms that in 2013 together traded rural items worth 11.865 million euros and the right to “make a move” against Russian sanctions. “This posting has an unmistakably politically roused. The European Commission will survey the measures being referred to when I have more data on their full length and substance, “said the EU official.

Russia stops importing fruits

Brussels notes that the measures “are specifically identified with the unlawful extension of Crimea and the destabilization of Ukraine” and reviewed that the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) gives recompense components. In any case, as indicated by a representative, “it is still not the time to enter the dialog on conceivable national or European remuneration.”

Medvedev marked the record demonstrates that the import of meat and pork is precluded; meat and poultry items; fish and different sorts of mollusks; drain and milk items; vegetables and tubers; foods grown from the ground of assorted types; hotdogs and comparable results of meat, meat by-items, and sustenance items readied with them; items, including cheddar.

The archive does not define whether these forbiddances will be connected strictly to all nations recorded, or be specific. Be that as it may the way that Putin talked about ” forbiddance” or “impediment”, leaving room to the administration to choose the subtle elements of the rundown demonstrates that there are risks that not all nations are influenced or, in any event, they won’t be in equivalent measure.

An alternate daily paper with solid financial profile, Kommersant reported Thursday that Russia arrangements to additionally forbid the importation of farming items from Ukraine, which could intend to the neighboring nation more than 970 million every day misfortune. Russia is so far the biggest shipper of farming items from Ukraine.


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