Salman Khan robbed by his female fans


Salman Khan may have aced his part as Bodyguard, but did not keep his secure up when he was wittingly scammed out by his female fans. The celebrity was at a night club in Mumbai last night where four female fans contacted him. Our sources confirm this breaking news and said that Salman had a brief conversation with these ladies while his pockets, eye wear and the Bajrangi Bhaijaan necklace were kept in a desk close by.

As soon as the ladies left, Salman noticed that his personal things were lost. His protection staff recommended him to police file, but the heart throb actor rejected and requested to improve his protection instead.

Our sources also estimated this hot news, Salman’s sis Arpita who declined the information saying, “It’s not simple to rob Salman. He has not visited any night club these days nor does he bring a wallet.”

However, his film produce & director Nandita Singga verified the occurrence, saying, “Yes, Salman was scammed out and had to improve his protection from two men to 14.” During a film’s marketing campaign in Mumbai on Saturday, Salman described that Mumbai was not a secure place any longer and anything can come about anywhere.


  1. After the incident with the selfie-clicking girlfriend Salman had decided never to click pictures with strangers. Now after this incident Salman may swear off all interaction with fans.

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