The angry Birds maker will develop a game for pop star Shakira


Just when you believed the trend of celebrity-created applications had passed; Shakira graces us with her own game. In a discussion with the press, she describes the hot news about the tale behind the app, Really like Rocks featuring Shakira, and also forms the iPhone v. Android discussion. Love Rocks is no innovative app. The musician joined up with Rovio Enjoyment, the group behind Angry Birds, to make what is generally another edition of Bejeweled. Weblink related gemstones and stones on a line to obtain facts and make it to the next circular.

Her partner, football player Gerard Piqué, has an online game known as Golden Manager, so he linked her with someone from Angry Birds, and the relax is recorded. “The proven reality that Gerard had this activity motivated me to make my own,” she informed to the media. “It has been like nothing I’ve done before, a new encounter. It’s a new system through which I can connect with my lovers; it’s another store for my creativity.”

As you perform the experience, you’re taken on a trip across the world. The stages begin in Spain’s capital, and then you’re transferred to locations such as the Taj Mahal and El Dorado. Of course, it would not be a Shakira game without a character of her sometimes creating an overall look. She also said she re-adapted some of her music to use in the experience, which, genuinely, is a very attractive promoting feature.

The most informing part of her discussion, though, was whether she’s an iPhone or Android customer. Her answer was “I use both!”