Three million Muslims to perform Haj today


ISLAMABAD: Three million pioneers have started walking to Mina on the first leg of their excursion of a lifetime to perform Haj today (Friday).

The administration’s offices have made extravagant courses of action to guarantee the smooth stream of pioneers from Makkah Madinah, Jeddah, Riyadh, Taif and Dammam into the makeshift camp.

The travelers will use the day and night in supplications to God and afterward head to the fields of Arafat on Friday morning.

Powers say near three million professors have originated from abroad to take after the 1,400-year-old convention of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), close by pioneers from Saudi Arabia.

Mount Arafat is the place the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) gave his last sermon, in the wake of heading his devotees on the Haj.

“It is a lovely feeling,” said Aziza Yousfy, 60, from Algeria, before leaving Makkah. Seeing Mina and Mount Arafat “has dependably been a fantasy for me,” she said.

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One of the world’s biggest yearly get-togethers and a mainstay of the Islamic confidence, this present year’s Haj accompanies powers striving to secure explorers from two savage infections, Ebola and the MERS coronavirus.

It additionally comes against the setting of far reaching repugnance among Muslims to Islamic State bunch jihadists.

Sayed Tajamul Haq, 64, an Indian traveler strolling with his wife, voiced trust that “God will acknowledge our petitions to God for absolution and kindness”, amid an experience he depicted with a grin as “awesome.”

Travelers will move a couple of kilometers from Makkah to close-by Mina.

Men wear a consistent two-piece white article of clothing, symbolizing a state of virtue and accentuating their solidarity paying little heed to societal position or nationality.

Ladies likewise for the most part wear white, covering just their confronts and hands. The entry to Mina denote the authority begin of the Haj on the eighth day of the Muslim datebook month of Zahul Haj. In Mina, they will implore and rest before proceeding onward to Mount Arafat for the peak of the journey customs on Friday.

In Mina on Wednesday a huge number of youngsters utilized by Haj administrators and pioneer strongholds were planning to get explorers.

Activity police Civil Defense staff Haj Ministry authorities, specialists, medical attendants paramedics and media faculty were at that point in the makeshift camp in front of the pioneers.

Makkah was clamoring with otherworldly action on Wednesday evening. Male pioneers will wear the ihram (two bits of white consistent material) that is compulsory before undertaking the voyage on Thursday.

The ihram for ladies is different.”we are energized and joyful furthermore somewhat apprehensive,” said Maulana Minhaj Akram 69 an explorer from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.

He was joined by his wheelchair bound wife Syeda Majida. Haj is not simple he said through telephone from Makkah. It is physically requesting yet profoundly invigoratin


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