Update enabling Samsung Pay now hitting compatible Verizon phones


A simple 10 days after it declared support for the program, Verizon has created up-dates to its newest New Samsung gadgets that allow New Samsung Pay. The upgrade has just come on our own Galaxy S6, and if you have a GS6 edge, GS6 edge+ or Note 5 you should be seeing the same instantly via a standard program upgrade.

According to the upgrade notices, after the upgrade is finish you’ll be able to obtain and set up the New Samsung Pay app once it is available in Google play store — though we don’t know when that will be. Mobile phones on other providers have basically had the app set up via the program upgrade.

Of course, having your service provider on the panel is a big phase, but once you have it set up you’ll still need a reinforced card from a reinforced economical institution to be able to be completely operating. Presently just five banks are on the panel — United States Show, Bank of The United States, Citi Bank, U.S. Bank and Synchrony Financial.

Bank support should be growing eventually, so you’ll just have to be suffered if your bank isn’t reinforced just yet. But if you fulfill all of the specifications, you’re now excellent to go with New Samsung Pay!


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